Tasks 0.18 (and 0.17)

Posted by Ross Burton on July 12, 2010

Whilst Tasks isn't exactly under active development, I'm still maintaining it because I actually use it (unlike certain other projects, ahem). So, Tasks 0.18 is released.

  • Huge translation update, including several missing strings
  • Add a "tomorrow" button to the date popup
  • Support adding tasks from the command line
  • Use "category" over "group" consistantly
  • Ensure the entry is correctly styled
  • Ellipzies categories in the combo box
  • Correctly encode non-ASCII notes
  • Fix compilation with GTK+ 2.18

Tarballs and more information as usual are available at the Pimlico Project web site.

In related news, we're slowly migrating over to the GNOME infrastructure. We've migrated the source code, next up is the tarballs and bugzilla.

tags: tasks, tech