Sound Juicer 2 Mockup

Posted by Ross Burton on September 17, 2004

After a brief hacking sprint on contact-lookup-applet and Sound Juicer genre/profiles, I thought I'd have a quick play with my Sound Juicer 2 mockup. This is the latest screenshot:

I've merged the track numbers and extract status into a single column, and added an icon which will represent the currently playing or extracted track. The plan is to remove the extract progress popup and replace it with an icon indicating the current track and use the progress bar for more detailed progress, but I'm not really sure that this is a good idea. I'll also need some way of showing the currently playing track, maybe show a small "play" icon in the same place?

All comments welcome, but I am intent on turning SJ into a replacement for for the GNOME CD Player, so stop telling me I shouldn't!

Oh and Tigert, Jimmac, if you are reading: gnome-icon-theme needs stock_media-eject and stock_media-volume-mute. Eject should be easy to fit in with the other media icons, and mute is just the volume icon minus the sound waves (I've stolen from Totem which stole from Rhythmbox). Thanks! :)

NP: Spirit, Jewel

tags: tech