Devil’s Pie 0.23

This may come as a shock to some, but I’ve just tagged Devil’s Pie 0.23 (tarball here).

tl;dr: don’t use this, but if you insist it now works with libwnck3

The abridged changelog:

  • Port to libwnck3 (Christian Persch)
  • Add unfullscreen action (Mathias Dalh)
  • Remove exec action (deprecated by spawn)

I probably wouldn’t have ever released this as I’m generally not maintaining it and tend to push people towards Devil’s Pie 2 which funnily enough had a 0.23 release two days ago, but Christian asked nicely and I was waiting on a Yocto build to finish.

4 thoughts on “Devil’s Pie 0.23”

  1. Because this is GPL licensed I know I can go ahead and do what I want with the code (while respecting copyright), but I am asking the following as a courtesy, and in the interests of (A) not duplicating efforts, (B) coordinating development and maintenance, and (C) not having to give in to using Lua when I much prefer the elegance of devilspie 1’s lispy structure. If you really are no longer maintaining this actively, do I have your OK to maintain a repo copy of it somewhere like github? (which would mean you could still pull updated version-tarballs from there for the distros too). If so, do you have your own “repo” version somewhere? Or is v0.23 the absolute latest version in existence? Because I am using it (along with xrandr, etc) to create a multiple-monitor dynamic desktop layout system, I have already made many changes for my own purposes which would be useful to share back to the project. I’ve added: (unabove), (unbelow), (unskip_pager), (unskip_tasklist), (relative_geometry), improved the manpage, fixed some “-pedantic” compiler warnings, etc…

    1. First, I’ll say that the Lua fork offers far more than just Devil’s Pie without brackets – the s-expression parser in DP is *very* dumb and not really capable of logic.

      I’d prefer to see Devil’s Pie continue to be maintained at If you send patches I can review/merge them, and if you really want to take it over then I’d suggest you apply for a commit account. Obviously I can’t stop you forking to github but you’re welcome to take over maintainership at instead.

      1. OK, thanks 🙂 Aside from whether it’s worth putting energy into improving the s-expression parser (which appears to have some easily augmented logic capacities), I think it’s still worth being active maintained in at least its present state either way. Because it seems to be a relatively low-maintenance project (thanks to DP2’s existence?), I’d be happy to do that, although I should warn I’d be a first-time committer. I’ll apply and see if I get access for that. I’m brushing up/abstracting some of the changes I mentioned, to make them commit-worthy, then will forward them on too. Is there a mailing-list, IRC, etc? (Googling “Devil’s Pie” has a low signal-to-noise ratio, thanks to it being a popular name for bands, DJs, etc).

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