Give Me Life

Congratulations Jeff and Pipka on your engagement!

It sounds like your proposal was a lot smoother than my own. We were in Rome over Easter, and our hotel (in the old part of the city) had a wonderful view over the city from the roof terrace. I was forming grand plans of proposing up on the terrace, with the city lights and fine wine... Then it turns a bit to cold to sit outside at 11pm and our hotel didn't sell wine, only small cans of beer. Not quite the vision I had, but a million things could have ruined the vision (someone else on the terrace for example). However, everything from that point went to plan and I still find myself grinning uncontrollably when I realise that in under 3 months we'll be Mr and Mrs!

21:24 Saturday, 18 Feb 2012 [#] [life] ( comments)