Colour-Calibrated Eye Of Gnome

A few days of early-morning hacking later, and I've got a proof-of-concept ICC system working. It's very simple but works well for me.

The first step is to associate an ICC profile to each screen. This can be done using xicc, from xicc-0.1.tar.gz. Simply run this specifiying the path to the relevant ICC profile and it will set the atom on the root window of the default screen (multi-screen support will be implemented next). For example:

$ xicc ~/tmp/ICM/ibmtplcd.icm

ibmtplcd.icm is the profile for the IBM ThinkPad LCDs.

Then patch Eye Of Gnome with this patch. Now when EoG opens a JPEG image which describes the colour space using the standard EXIF properties White Point and Primary Chromaticities it will create a profile on the fly, and when the image is displayed the profile for the screen is obtained and the image corrected.

There is a lot to do yet:

But it does work! I'll write a small specification for the atom I'm using shortly.

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09:57 Thursday, 16 Jun 2005 [#] [computers/xicc] ( comments)