Tasks 0.18 (and 0.17)

Whilst Tasks isn't exactly under active development, I'm still maintaining it because I actually use it (unlike certain other projects, ahem). So, Tasks 0.18 is released.

Tarballs and more information as usual are available at the Pimlico Project web site.

In related news, we're slowly migrating over to the GNOME infrastructure. We've migrated the source code, next up is the tarballs and bugzilla.

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Posted by jackmsith at Sat Apr 12 12:34:03 2014:
The easy way is to update libsocialweb to use an OAuthProxy instead of a CCA-410 dumps and update the module metadata so that Bisho uses the generic OAuth flow instead of CAS-001 dumps a Flickr-specific flow. This should be fairly simple and needs to happen soon so that any distributions that are using libsocialweb don't break in the summer. C4090-959 dumps




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