Postr - GNOME Flickr Uploader

Postr is a Flickr uploading tool for the GNOME desktop, which aims to be simple to use but exposing enough of Flickr to be useful.

Flickr Uploader

I don't maintain Postr any more, so please see the new project page for the latest news and sources.

10:56 Thursday, 12 Nov 2009 [#] [/computers/postr] ( comments)

New Maintainer for Postr!

After months of neglect by myself, Postr has a new maintainer! Step forward Germán Póo-Caamaño, everyone's favourite Chilean, who has been hard at work migrating to, merging patches and fixing bugs (the Upload button works!), and creating a new project page.

Now all I need is for someone to adopt Sound Juicer...

10:49 Thursday, 12 Nov 2009 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.12.3

A small point release to fix some small bugs before it's 2009...

The tarball is here, and Debian packages are building now.

NP: Live at the Royal Albert Hall, The Cinematic Orchestra

15:00 Friday, 19 Dec 2008 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Asynchronous Flickr Library, version 0.3

Finally, Flickrpc 0.3 is released. Some nice features that we all know and love from Postr here:

Grab a tarball here or the Bazaar tree here.

21:50 Tuesday, 11 Nov 2008 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.12.2

Another point release of Postr which should fix Flickr authentication for good this time. Also the file size limit has been increased to 20Mb to match the new Flickr limits.

The tarball is here, and packages for Debian are being worked on next.

15:10 Sunday, 15 Jun 2008 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.12.1

I just made a quick Postr 0.12.1 release to fix authentication with non-trivial HTTP handler strings. If you can't login to Flickr with Postr, then this release should fix it for you.

The tarball is here, and packages for Debian are being built now.

In other news has seen a lot of development and is looking pretty damn neat at the moment.

10:00 Tuesday, 27 May 2008 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.12

A quick Postr 0.12 release, mainly to fix an annoying bug but there are some neat new features here too.

The tarball is here, and packages for Debian have been uploaded.

10:30 Wednesday, 23 Apr 2008 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.11

I finally got around to fixing the very annoying text wrapping problem in, I thought I best release Postr 0.11:

The tarball is here, and packages for Debian have been uploaded.

16:50 Sunday, 20 Apr 2008 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.10

A new year, a new release of Postr. This release has some useful bug fixes. Now to finish off that grand refactoring...

The tarball is here, and packages for Debian are building now.

10:55 Friday, 04 Jan 2008 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.9

A quick release of Postr fixing a few little bugs.

The tarball is here, and packages for Debian/Ubuntu are building now.

15:35 Sunday, 23 Sep 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.8

Finally, a new Postr release. Nothing amazing here, just some internal refactoring and better error handling. If an error occurs when talking to Flickr a dialog box will popup, which will help a great deal.

The tarball is here, and packages for Debian/Ubuntu are building now.

NP: Sleep, DJ Olive

10:10 Tuesday, 21 Aug 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.7

Postr 0.7 is out, fixing a couple of very nasty bugs.

Tarballs at the usual place, packages heading towards Debian shortly.

NP: Flight 602, Aim

11:30 Wednesday, 13 Jun 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.6

Postr 0.6 is here! What is new I hear you ask. Well:

The tarball is in the usual place, and I'll make Debian packages shortly.

NP: Konfusion, Skalpel

19:45 Tuesday, 05 Jun 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr Bugs

Not that Postr has any bugs (cough), but if you happen to find any then they can be filed in the all new Postr product on GNOME's Bugzilla.

NP: Minima Moralia, Chihei Hatakeyama

14:30 Monday, 14 May 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr Category

Quick poll for Planet Gnome, and any other interested folks. Should Postr, my Flickr uploading applicaton, appear in the Graphics submenu on the panel, or the Internet submenu? Answers on a postcard to the usual address, or post a comment if you want. Thanks!

NP: Rideau, Tape

11:50 Tuesday, 10 Apr 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

New Postr Icon

Thanks to the icon master Andreas Nilsson, Postr now has an icon!

Postr Icon

12:20 Friday, 06 Apr 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Wanted: Postr Icon

Wanted: icon for Postr. I'm not sure what sort of design I'd like for a Flickr uploader, maybe a photo frame in front of the "web browser" globe icon would do the job. Thanks to anyone who does a rocking icon!

NP: Kaleidoscope, DJ Food

10:15 Wednesday, 04 Apr 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.5

Postr 0.5 is out. This has a few fixes:

You can follow the development in the Bazaar branch, or get the Postr 0.5 tarball.

17:30 Friday, 09 Feb 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Asynchronous Flickr Library, version 0.2

Flickrpc 0.2 is released. This has several improvements:

Basically no new features but it now works on Python 2.5 without an external ElementTree, the code is cleaner, and it's LGPL instead of GPL. Grab a tarball here or the bzr tree here.

NP: The Good, The Bad, And The Queen

11:10 Wednesday, 07 Feb 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.4

Postr 0.4 is finally out. This has an all-new Flickr library that uses Twisted, so I don't need to use threads any more. I've had lots of contributions to this release, in fact the change log is too long to summarise... Special features include a Nautilus context menu, GtkUnique support, and a lack of thread related crashes.

Thanks to Germán Poó Caamaño, Emmanuele Bassi, Dean Sas and Daniel Stone for their patches and feedback.

You can follow the development in the Bazaar branch, or get the Postr 0.4 tarball.

23:00 Sunday, 21 Jan 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Testers Wanted

I've got a new version of Postr ready for release, but would like someone else to test it before I release it as quite a lot of the important code has been, well, rewritten.

So, to any potential testers: using Bazaar clone this repository, install Twisted (python-twisted-core on Debian/Ubuntu), delete ~/.flickr/c53cebd15ed936073134cec858036f1d/auth.xml (the cached authentication tokens) and try and upload a photo. If anyone gives it a go please leave comments or email me, so I can fix any bugs.


21:00 Sunday, 07 Jan 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Asynchronous Flickr Library, version 0.1

I'm finally releasing version 0.1 of my Flickr library, flickrpc. The name is actually misleading, and I should change it for 1.0, as the class name is flickrest and the transport protocol is HTTP/REST, not XML-RPC (as was the original plan, thus the name). This library is written in Python and uses Twisted.

Why another Flickr library?

Because Postr required it. All of the existing libraries that I know of are blocking (I used to use Beej's flickrapi, which was based upon Michele Campeotto's flickrclient), which makes using them in GUI applications painful. Early versions of Postr used threads so that uploading could be done in the background without blocking the UI, but as Postr makes more calls to Flickr whilst being used interactively these threads will become a maintaince nightmare. By using Twisted all of the network operations are handled in the main loop, and I can write callback-based network code just like I write callback-based UI code.

Why Twisted?

Because it works, and is popular. If someone has a HTTP client library that integrated into the GLib mainloop and will expose callbacks when operations complete, please tell me. I love what Twisted gives me, but at the end of the day if there is a simplier solution, I'll consider it.

Sounds excellent! Where can I get it?

There is a tarball of 0.1 available here: flickrpc-0.1.tar.gz. If you want to track the latest development, or contribute patches, there is also a Bazaar archive.

19:30 Sunday, 07 Jan 2007 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.3

Postr 0.3 is out. A few typo fixes in my code, and an update to the latest to fix uploads after the Flickr servers decided to be more pedantic. This was proof that I am the only user of Postr, as it didn't work for a good week or so.

You can follow the development in the Bazaar branch, or get the Postr 0.3 tarball.

10:06 Saturday, 16 Dec 2006 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)

Postr 0.2


Postr 0.2 is finally out. I didn't get around to finished the all new Flickr API, but instead there are a lot of bug fixes.

You can follow the development in the Bazaar branch, or get the Postr 0.2 tarball.

20:55 Tuesday, 05 Dec 2006 [#] [computers/postr] ( comments)