Web Page Thumbnails

Matt Biddulph wrote a nice little hack to create a thumbnail of any URL using Mozilla and Python. In awe of the coolness this could give, I grabbed it and had a quick play. Matt and myself both spotted the deliberate error he introduced in the script he uploaded, then I replaced the usage of PIL with GDK (thus doing the rescale in memory without going to disk), and fiddle the size of the thumbnail. Et volia:

Thumbnail of burtonini.com

There are still issues: sadly Mozilla won't render the page to a window without the window being visible on screen. Maybe a lower-level API would allow this, but for now it does the the job rather well. Well done Matt. My hacked copy is available here.

NP: Liquid Swords, GZA.

14:09 Monday, 14 Jun 2004 [#] [computers] ( comments)