The C# Conspiracy?

Oh fun, the great Novell vs Red Hat war rears it's ugly head again. Now that Sound Juicer and Totem both play CDs we're nicely on route to dropping gnome-cd totally. To this end, a few weeks ago Ronald filed a bug with gnome-volume-manager asking that the default be changed to Sound Juicer (I'm thinking this should be Totem, but that's just my opinion).

Today the bug was closed. Hooray, I thought, SJ is the new default CD player. But no:

we're going to default to Banshee instead.

Pardon? We, the gnome-volume-manager maintainers, who happen to be Novell employees, have decided that the default CD player in GNOME will be Banshee. Not only is this not part of GNOME, but it's written in C#. I'm pissed off as this isn't a valid reason to close the bug, considering it isn't even proposed for Desktop, and I bet Red Hat will be pissed off if C# enters the Desktop.

And on that note, I'm going to cook.

Update: all sorted now. Totem is the default CD player. Die gnome-cd die!

18:26 Monday, 15 Aug 2005 [#] [computers] ( comments)