Code Dump

Posted by Ross Burton on November 13, 2010

I finally got around to clearing out my \~/Programming and publishing a number of the silly toy projects I've built up over the years that might be useful to someone, somewhere. A brief overview of what I've basically thrown over the wall to GitHub:

A Python/Twisted library for the Flickr API. This was written for use in Postr, although I suspect now that I don't maintain Postr any more they have forked. Maybe now this is in Git we can merge any changes.
A small tool I wrote for someone years ago that takes an RFC2822-formatted email on stdin, extracts the sender, and sets the exit code depending on whether that email address is in the address book.
Display notifications when a RSS feed is updated.
A tool to manage Debian chroots using cowbuilder.
Screen-scrape your Tumblr dashboard and generate a RSS feed. This has bitrotted but was very useful.
Listen to announcements over UPnP of music being played and submit the tracks to
Dynamically generate bookmarks from UPnP devices that expose a web interface. Probably doesn't work with recent Epiphany releases because I've switched to Chrome.
An action to add the current page to Probably doesn't work with recent Epiphany releases because I've switched to Chrome and Pinboard.
Some tools I wrote when working on EDS such as a dummy addressbook backend and command-line access to the libebook API.
Submit the current CD (or an arbitrary MusicBrainz album ID) to as if you'd just finished playing it.

Out of all of these hacks I only actively use flickrest and Zebu now, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is some serious bitrot in the others. Hopefully something here is useful to someone, somewhere though!

tags: tech