Gypsy 0.7

Earlier in the week someone pointed out over email that considering the entire geolocalisation thing is starting to come together, it's not great that Gypsy (the modern GPS daemon for the modern desktop) appears dead. Well, it's not quite dead, and to prove it I fixed the bugs that were stopping me from uploading it into Debian. Specifically, the hard requirement to run it as root and the lack of DBus auto-starting (to be fair, when it was written this wasn't supported on the system bus). These are now fixed at last and Gypsy 0.7 is available to download from

Packages for Debian are in the upload queue now, and I believe everyones favourite frockney is working on updating Fedora now.

NP: Oneric, Boxcutter

15:52 Thursday, 06 Aug 2009 [#] [computers] ( comments)