Managing an APT Repository via WebDAV

At work we've just bought online another server, so we have a true public/private server split. The private server is only accessible via secure methods, and the public server only has a few users to reduce the possibility of people brute-forcing their way in. However, the public server holds the APT repositories for and Before the split this was not a problem, after building the package dput was used with the scp method, and then mini-dinstall was run as the user to update the repository. Now that there are minimal accounts on the new server, we can't scp the packages to the server, or ssh in to run mini-dinstall. Running m-d in daemon mode solves the latter, but there is still the problem of getting the files on the server in the first place.

Enter WebDAV. The public server already has a number of WebDAV shares (secure client shares, Subversion, and so on) so it was trivial to export the mini-dinstall incoming queues over WebDAV. With a custom init script to start mini-dinstall in daemon mode, anyone with the right permissions can upload files via WebDAV. One option here is to use Nautilus, but I like the safety of dput. A day of hacking, with lots of screaming at Python's urllib2, produced this patch to dput that adds HTTP uploading. I've been using it for a few days now and it seems to be working well, so hopefully it will be merged into Sid soon.

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