Posted by Ross Burton on November 3, 2006

Yesterday lunchtime after walking Henry Vicky went into our driveway armed with lots of fallen leaves, the SLR, and the bright afternoon winter sun. 20 minutes later and lots of technically dubious photography (one handed grip on camera, leaf at arms length, click and hope) she had some fantastic Autumnal leaf shots.

Treasure Embers On
fire Autumn's

Update: of course a Javascript library to turn image links into magic floating popups won't work in RSS feeds, so if you want to see them in Flickr go to Vicky's Nature set.

Yesterday I ordered a cheap lightbox so we'll hopefully be able to take similar shots in a more controlled environment without wind and camera shake getting in the way. Obviously they won't be as good, I've found that often the first casual attempt at a shot is the best, and the harder you try, the worse the shots get.

NP: Protection, Massive Attack

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