Lens Opinions

Posted by Ross Burton on July 21, 2006

My main camera lens at the moment is the EF 28-135mm IS USM, which although excellent for a non-L lens is limited as on a non-fullframe DSLR the widest it goes is 45mm. Now if I had a decent wide angle lens such as the 10-22mm this wouldn't be a problem, but the only lens I own going wider than 28mm is the kit 17-55, which isn't great.

Thus I've been thinking about selling the 28-135 and buying the 17-85mm IS USM, which is clearly targetted as being the 28-135 for cropped digital SLRs. I'll loose the extra zoom but in return gain the wide angle in a single lens. However, the optical quality of the 28-135 is excellent for a non-L lens, and I'm worried that the 17-85 isn't up to the same quality. Are there any really picky camera geeks out there who have used both the 28-135 and 17-85 and can help me decide?

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