Favoured Photography

Posted by Ross Burton on August 18, 2005

When in doubt, alliterate.

From the critique queue of photo.net I'm developing quite a taste for black and white photography. I like the simplicity that the lack of colour gives a scene, and the way the use of light for increased contrast gives more impact than colour often does. I've only tried B&W a few times before and my attempts generally were quite washed out and lacking in contrast, I probably need to be more aggressive with the Levels control.

Anyway, the pictures I've liked on photo.net today are: Winter's Evening, The Wharf, B/W Water, Wind In Grass, and Drop 1. Plenty of inspiration available there!

I also liked Coming Back, partly because it's a great photo with great tones with the sea fading into the distance making the boat really stand out, and party because it reminds me of our holiday in India. Jeremy Parker has some great photos on his site, with a clever site design which changes the background colour of the gallery pages to complement each photo.

NP: Best Of, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

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