5000 Days

Posted by Ross Burton on August 15, 2005

Now that I've started a photography course I'm supposed to be keeping a log book of my photography and any photography I see. So, I've created a new category (cunningly called 'photography'), and will note down my thoughts here.

Last weekend whilst browsing around a book shop I found Five Thousand Days. There are classics that we all know and love, warming personal photos of famous people without their public masks on, and some absolutely haunting war photography. Flicking through the book is quite an emotional journey, I recommend it for anyone interested in photo-journalism.

I've registered with photo.net and subscribed to their New Photos feed, so I get to look at a hundred different photos a day. So far not a lot has stood out to me, but I do love this for some reason.

I'm a big fan of Noah Grey at the moment. We've got two of his prints awaiting frames in the front room at the moment, and I love the cleanliness of his Charlotte and Blowout galleries.

tags: photography